Welcome to Fraser Valley District Council!

People depend on public services; services depend on people to deliver them.

Since 1963, Fraser Valley District Council (FVDC) has served affiliated CUPE Locals in the Fraser Valley.  From Surrey to Boston Bar, members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees come together to support each other and promote ideals that benefit all working people. District Councils are chartered under CUPE National, the largest public sector union in Canada.

City workers touch every part of life: they fix roads, provide emergency care, test drinking water, connect us with library resources, run ice rinks and swimming pools, work at daycares, lead community workshops, and much more. We’re facing tough economic times, and that’s when we need affordable, reliable public services most.

School District support workers keep our public schools safe, operational and inclusive. From the Custodians who keep schools clean and safe to the Education Assistants who work one-on-one with our students, to the Bus Drivers who get our children to and from school safely, to the Maintenance Staff who keep our schools safe to the school Administrative Assistants who ensure the day to day operations of our schools run smoothly, K-12 support workers form the very foundation of the public education system. Public education is the basis of a free and equitable society.

Community Social Services staff work with our most vulnerable members of society, ensuring those in need are linked with the resources and supports they need in order to live their best lives. In times of struggle or trauma, Community Social Services staff help to lighten the burden and support members of our community through the toughest times of their lives.

Transit employees ensure we have safe, economical and environmentally sustainable ways to get from Point A to Point B every day. Whether Sky Train, Bus, Ferry or Airplane, CUPE transit workers are on the job to make sure your travels are safe and efficient.

BCSPA staff ensure animals are cared for and respected. These hardworking CUPE members are the voices for animals who cannot speak for themselves.

Fraser Valley District Council – CUPE locals working together to build stronger communities!