FVDC Committees

Events Committee

  • Jennifer Tass, Chair
  • Kalinda Naismith
  • Dragan (Doug) Zoric

CUPE BC Committees

Committees are integral to how CUPE members in BC take action.  CUPE BC Committees meet 2 to 4 times during their 2-year term in addition to attending the One Big Committee Meeting to coordinate their plans for the coming two years with the CUPE BC Action Plan and resolutions from convention.

CUPE BC Committees are selected by the CUPE BC Executive Board after Convention in odd-numbered years. All costs incurred (travel, meals, book-off, accommodations) in order to participate in CUPE BC committees are reimbursed to the local or member in accordance with the CUPE BC Expense Policy.

In order to be considered for a Fraser Valley District Council endorsement to a CUPE BC committee, a member must be a sworn delegate of a FVDC affiliated local, must have attended FVDC General Membership Meetings in the year of selection and must request endorsement in writing to

The next selection for CUPE BC Committees will take place in May/June.  Deadline to submit a request for FVDC Endorsement to a CUPE BC Committee:  Passed

Anti-Privatization Vacant Click Here | Anti-Privatization (ToR)
Colleges Vacant Click Here | Colleges (ToR)
Community Social Services Vacant Click HereCommunity Social Services (ToR)
Education Jennifer Tass Click HereEducation (ToR)
Environment Vacant Click HereEnvironment (ToR)
Indigenous Vacant Click Here | Indigenous (ToR)
International Solidarity Vacant Click HereInternational Solidarity (ToR)
K-12 Vacant Click HereK-12 (ToR)
Library Natalie Fouquette Click HereLibrary (ToR)
Municipal Ryan Doman Click HereMunicipal (ToR)
Occupational Health & Safety
Tony Rebelo Click HereOH & S (ToR)
Pension Vacant Click HerePensions (ToR)
Persons with Disabilities Vacant Click HerePersons with Disabilities (ToR)
Pink Triangle Vacant Click HerePink Triangle (ToR)
Political Action Vacant Click Here | Political Action (ToR)
Racialized Workers Vacant Click Here | Racialized Workers (ToR)
Skilled Trades Vacant Click Here | Skilled Trades (ToR)
Transportation Elizabeth Roux Click HereTransportation (ToR)
Universities Vacant Click HereUniversities (ToR)
Women's and Gender Right Sheryl Burns Click HereWomens (ToR)
Young Workers Vacant Click HereYoung Workers (ToR)


Learn more about CUPE BC Committees HERE