What is the FVDC?

Fraser Valley District Council 

The FVDC was established September 24, 1963. The Council consists of CUPE locals in the Fraser Valley who meet together to discuss the issues important to our members, their families and surrounding communities. It consists of member locals and sub-locals who come from the Municipal, Library, Education, BC SPCA, Paramedic, Transportation and Social Service sectors, from Surrey to Boston Bar. Each local has 4 voting delegates, that attend approximately nine (9) meetings per year.

How is the District Council Organized?

The Council maintains a group of elected officers and delegates. Executive positions carry two-year terms. The remainder of the FVDC consists of delegates representing their respective locals. While the Executive have prescribed responsibilities, the entire body of delegates is accountable in helping make the FVDC a successful enterprise.

Did you know?

CUPE is the largest public sector union in Canada with almost 740,000 members nation-wide. There are almost 100,000 CUPE members in BC; the FVDC represents over 9,000 members in the Fraser Valley alone!

Delegate Responsibilities

For the FVDC to be successful delegates need to attend meetings. With a maximum of nine (9) meetings per year, it is important as leaders to draw together and discuss the issues important to CUPE members, their families, and respective communities.

What is the mandate of the FVDC?

  • Strengthen the union movement in the Fraser Valley through increasing the visibility of CUPE in the Valley.
  • Delegates hold positions on CUPE BC Committees
  • Create resolutions for conventions
  • Help strengthen working families and their communities
  • Practice political activism
  • Facilitate communications between leaders within CUPE Locals in the Fraser Valley


Perhaps the most important aspect of the FVDC is networking. When FVDC affiliates meet for educational courses, events, or regular monthly meetings they have the opportunity to exchange information about issues that affect working people. The FVDC enables CUPE members in big and small locals to share common problems and interests.

Charitable Work

The FVDC is proud to sponsor various non-profit organizations and charities throughout the Fraser Valley.